Buffalo, Sable & Cape Eland

Sable Antelope
Hendrik's Buffalo

Hendrik’s Buffalo

The Willemse family with Annaline's Sable

The Willemse family with Annaline’s Sable

Theon's Cape Eland

Theon’s Cape Eland

Annaline's Sable

Annaline’s Sable

A great family hunt, 3 perfect shots after many long walk & stalk  attempts, and 3 superb trophies for discerning hunters!

Congratulations to Hendrik, Annaline and Theon  Willemse ! thank you for your great enthousiasm and skills, and also for your conviviality and laughter. To Ence and Anke, thank you for your patience, support & help.

We all had a fantastic time!