Welcome back the Hanson’s !

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In May we welcomed back the Hanson brothers for their 4th consecutive hunt with Cape hunt Safaris . The main specie of target was an elephant for Geoff but unfortunately the right bull proved elusive . Having said that will filled our time with some superb buffalo and giraffe hunting ! The buffalo bug has bitten Geoff and he collect his 2nd and 3rd buffalo respectively ! The first was a fantastic old bull who gifted us with an incredible opportunity as he made his way to the water , the final shooting distance was 18m’s and Geoff’s well placed shot felled him after a short adrenaline burst ! Paul then took his first African buffalo with some hard work !  Many hours were spend stalking the herd but the swirling wind kept any opportunity at bey . Finally we got our chance on a old bull cooling off in the shallow water . A superb shot 22m’s was made by Paul dissecting the herd and toppling the bull where he lay ! Well done Paul and lets hope you succumb to the same addictive habit for buffalo as Geoff ! We then had a fantastic chance to collect two beautiful dark old giraffe bulls . Both eventually take by Geoff ! Geoff also went on to then hunt a challenging buffalo cow which took much convincing to die .. much to all our respect !

Thank you again gentlemen and I sincerely look forward to seeing you both again next year !!

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