Big Game Hunts

Dangerous game hunting has been at our core from the early onset of the Cape Hunt Safaris inception, and we take great pride in being able to experience the thrill and excitement of hunting big game with our clients . There is no substitute for seeing your first leopard appear on the bait or hearing the death bellow of your tenth buffalo – the thrill of big game hunting never seems to expire or retire.

We offer elephant , hippo ,crocodile , leopard and lion in Zimbabwe – as well as elephant , leopard , hippo and crocodile in Namibia . South Africa is our big game flagship with only the leopard not being available for hunting of the big five . Buffalo , Lion and White Rhinoceros make up the core of our South African big game species experience. We have the resources and reach to completely customize your big game safari experience and will gladly facilitate each individual request.
“I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy.”

Ernest Hemingway

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