Safari Info

General Terms and Conditions of Rates

Daily tariff includes:
  • Accommodation, meals, and all beverages.
  • The exclusive use of the concessionary area and lodge .
  • The use of the airfield on the Reserve or concession .
  • Services of Professional hunter, hunting vehicle, skinner, all logistical and auxiliary  staff.
  • On site Taxidermy field preparation of trophies and transport to the taxidermist.
  • Laundry services.
  • Hunting license (all special permits required for CITES and TOPS species).
  • Airport transfers by road from pre-arranged arrival destination.
Daily tariff excludes:
  • All hotel and accommodation costs prior or post safari including other activities not listed or encompassed in the safari package.
  • All Airfares, private charter costs or cost of car hire.
  • Taxidermy, dipping and packing and trophy shipping charges.
  • Gratuities, at your discretion.
  • All trophy fees of game killed or wounded.
  • Any and all personal items.
  • Any and all insurances or medical cover.
  • Gun hire and ammunition.

Professional Hunters and hunting Crews

Our team of dedicated, licensed and highly experienced Professional Hunters will assist in every facet to guarantee you a fantastic and successful hunting safari . Together with our team of trackers ,Skinners and friendly lodge staff we have seen to hundreds of successful safaris with clients and friends from all corners of the globe . Cape Hunt Safaris also contracts local professional hunters well versed in our more unique areas of operation therefore further maximizing a better understanding to trophy success.

Hunting Vehicles

We utilize a fleet of well maintained, fully equipped 4×4 hunting and utility vehicles .Our vehicles all have radio communication to keep in contact with the camp and each other . We have in the past also utilized our heavy duty equipment in the recovery of the larger species as well as the use of helicopters to access the more inaccessible but wildlife rich areas.  


We operate in conjunction with a top tier taxidermy who undertake to prioritize all Cape hunt Safaris clientele . Karoo Animal Art Studio’s expert staff will ensure that your unique and valuable trophies are expertly handled, mounted, crated and ultimately exported safely to the final destination of choice. The taxidermy is fully licenced and compliant with all EU and international export / import criteria.

Ammunition and Weapons

Accommodation Information:

We can assist, advise or facilitate the right accommodation prior and post safari depending on your requirements. Cape Town’s diverse tourist attractions and fantastic cuisine make the city a fine start or finish to your hunting experience.​

Rifles, Ammunition and scope:

Rifle: By law a minimum calibre of .375 is to be used to hunt any of the Big 5(Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant). A .375 is also a very versatile calibre and can be used on every plains game species as well ~ very good soft nose/ solid  ammunition is always recommended,  especially on Big Five species. As a recommendation for all plains game species, calibers such as .300 Win mag, 338, 7mm, 30-06 and alike are best suited for African antelope. 


Suggested choice of bullet examples are swift-A Frame, Woodleigh, Barnes X, Nosler partition or Hornady soft nose. Scope: Choose a good quality variable scope to use on your rifle, as a suggestion 3×9 power is sufficient. Bring the rifle that you shoot best. We as Professional Hunters prefer good shot placement over and above any high power firearm less frequently used.​

Firearm Importation:

We strongly recommend that all our hunters use our pre-arranged firearm import service endorsed by PHASA (Professional Hunting Association of South Africa). We will submit and process your application on your behalf and make sure you are met by our meet and greet service team at your port of entry . If you decide not to bring your own firearms, then we have firearms available that you can rent from us. The prearranged permit fees start from $180-00. 

What to Bring

Clothes to pack:

  • 3 pairs of hunting long pants, 3 pairs of shorts, 4 bush shirts.
  • Down jackets, jersey, and windbreaker.
  • 2 pair comfortable hunting boots, 4 pairs woollen socks.
  • Bush hat, or caps ,gloves and light weight rain coat.
  • Comfortable sweatpants and T-shirts for relaxing around the campfire at night.

Camouflage colours are permitted in South Africa. If you do not use camouflage clothing then please ensure that your outfits are dark green or khaki in colour.

What to bring:

  • Binoculars, Camera.
  • Own 120 volt to 220 volt electric converter or a vehicle plug charger for charging batteries.
  • International travel adapters for Africa.
  • Personal toiletries, medicines, sun block, insect repellent and sunglasses.

Weather (Eastern Cape, South Africa)

Mar – Apr  highs of 90 °F / 32 °C and lows of 60 °F/ 15 °C 
May highs of 80 °F/26 °C and lows of 50 °F/10 °C 
Jun – Aug highs of 18 °F/32 °C and lows of 35 °F/2 °C 
Sept  highs of 90 °F /32 °Cand lows of 60 °F/15 °C

 We will certainly advise more specific and accurate weather condition prior to your arrival . 

Please Note

  • Loss of hunting days due to illness, lost or delayed luggage, delayed flights etc are for the clients account and risk.
  • Trophy animals required must be advised prior to hunt and confirmed on the booking form or via email.
  • Hunting by nature carries some risk and while we take every possible precaution and care for the safety of our clients, we cannot accept any liability for any loss, damage, accident, injury or illness, however they may occur while on safari . A detailed waiver and terms of condition will be furnished to the hunter for signature prior to the commencement of the hunt . Please ensure that you are fully insured and covered for the full duration of the safari.
  • A safari is confirmed when a 50% deposit payment has been paid. The remaining amount will be paid before the beginning of the hunt. Cancellation will be accepted up to two months prior to start of hunt provided a replacement booking can be found.  If not the deposit will be forfeited.  
  • Trophy and other fees to be paid in full in cash or via EFT upon completion of the hunt. Special packages,  ” a la carte ” or more personalized pre or post safari activities can be arranged any time of the year and the duration of your stay can be flexible in accommodating the specific requests. 

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